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Our Customers Say it Best:

I probably saved about 20 to 30% each month on my bills through the Power Hours program.

- Mitch H.

If we can make better use of the energy we have, everyone benefits.

- Patrick H.

It’s just a good program overall, and it does save money. A great deal.

- Margie S.

I really like the (thermostat) control from your home. You don’t have to get up.

- Joe S.

It’s been really easy to control my usage.

- Jade P.

Convenient and Efficient. We save money and mobility.

- Ping M.

It was easy to do, the equipment was easy to install. It was hassle-free.

- John H.

Nice to be able to control the temp in my house from the office.

- Scott G.

I think it’s a great program for not only helping the environment and cutting down on usage but also as a great way to save on your bill.

- Daniel P.

Day to day it saves you money without you worrying about it.

- Tim W.

You do get the good feeling of the environmental support. And how many environmental support activities do you get to engage in that actually save you money?

- James A.

I think what I like most is that I can get the app on my phone, and I can adjust the thermostat as I need it.

- Billie H.

The peak hours are pretty much the time when not many people are at home in my house, so it is not intruding on our lifestyle.

- Tabitha M.

I like the fact that it motivated me to use the electricity when I really need it.

- Cynthia B.

I really like conserving power and anything we can do to help the environment is absolutely critical.

- Jean L.
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