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PSO Terms & Conditions for Honeywell Thermostat Rebate Program

The Power Hours Program is a demand response program that is available to qualifying customers of Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) on a voluntary basis. Qualifications to participate in this program are defined in PSO’s Tariffs for Residential Service Time of Day Tariff (TOD) Rate code 028, Variable Peak Pricing Residential Service Tariff (VPP) Rate Code 036 and Direct Load Control Tariff (DLC). These documents can be found on PSO’s website at

As part of the Power Hours Program, customers have the opportunity to participate in four different program options:

  • TOD only
  • VPP only
  • DLC only
  • DLC and TOD combined

Under the DLC Program, Customers give permission to PSO to adjust the Customer’s qualifying Wi-Fi thermostat(s) during peak events no more than four degrees or may cycle their air conditioner off and on in 15 or 30 minute increments. The timing of such events shall be solely determined by PSO and can occur up to 16 times during the peak season June through October. DLC customers will receive a $2.50 credit on their bill for all registered thermostat(s) participating in an event. Customers can elect to optout of an event through their smartphone or thermostat at any time during the event, but must understand and agree that they will forfeit the DLC $2.50 credit.

If Customer is participating in the TOD, it shall be Customer’s responsibility to make lifestyle or behavioral changes, and to take advantage of lower rates for electricity during off peak hours (7 PM - 2 PM). Customers can make necessary adjustments to decease their electric usage during on peak hours (2 PM - 7 PM) when electric rates are higher during the peak season June through October.

If Customer is participating in the VPP Program, Customers are notified by email by 4:00 pm on the evening prior to a critical peak event and will be the Customer’s responsibility to receive notification from PSO and reduce energy usage accordingly. Customers hereby agree to consent PSO to send email messages and will be the customers responsibility to notify PSO of any changes to such email addresses in order to keep communications accurate and up to date.

PSO will provide a rebate up to $110 per qualifying thermostats on up to 2 thermostats per Customer account. However, PSO does not assume ownership or maintenance of the thermostat or any other Customer-owned equipment as part of this Program. In exchange for PSO’s authorization to participate in the Power Hours Program, Customer hereby agrees to release, hold harmless and indemnify PSO, American Electric Power Company, Inc. and all of their affiliated companies, and their officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against losses, liabilities, costs, expenses, suits, actions, and claims, including claims arising out of injuries to persons or damage to property, caused by or in any way attributable to Customer’s participation in the Power Hours Program.